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Updating subscriber information

Updating subscriber information

To update subscriber information via the API, send an HTTP POST to this endpoint:


Be sure to replace [SUB_ID] with the actual subscriber ID. Your payload should be in JSON format.

Currently, the following fields are supported for updates:

	"name": "Subscriber Name",
	"email": "[email protected]",
	"external_id": "1001"

Note: Whitespace is trimmed from either side of an external_id, but otherwise the value is stored exactly as it is given. For example, “0001” is not converted to “1”.

CURL example

curl -d '{"name":"SUBSCRIBER NAME", "email":"[email protected]", "external_id":"1001"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST "https://app.prompty.io/api/[SITE_ID]/subscribers/21?api_token=[API_TOKEN]"

Example success response

{"status":"success","code":"OK","message":"The subscriber was successfully updated."}

Example error response

{"status":"error","code":"UPDATE_FAILED","message":"The subscriber could not be updated."}

Note: You will receive this error if the specified subscriber ID does not exist.

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