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Why isn’t my prompt displaying?

This page assumes that you’ve already installed Prompty. If not, please see our installation guide instead.

  1. First check that your Prompty javascript snippet is on the page (this can be done by using your browser’s view source feature). If it’s missing and you are using our WordPress plugin, this can be addressed by altering the plugin’s settings. If you are not using WordPress, the snippet will need to be added to your website manually.
  2. A file called PromptySW.js should reside in your website’s root directory. For example, if your website is example.com, a file should be present at https://example.com/PromptySW.js following a successful installation. If you use our WordPress plugin and have custom permalinks (URL rewriting) enabled, this is done for you. If you do not have custom permalinks enabled, or if you do not use our WordPress plugin, the provided PromptySW.js file will need to be uploaded to your website’s root directory manually (typically via FTP or your web host’s file manager).
  3. Any conditions set via the app’s Options interface (i.e. a timing or scroll delay) might not have been met yet.

If you’ve checked all of these common issues and your prompt still isn’t displaying, please contact us.

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